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Monash Children’s Hospital

Monash Children’s Hospital is one of Australia’s top four leading children’s hospitals and the state referral centre for a number of specialties including foetal surgery, thalassemia and paediatric cardiac electro-physiology. We are one of the busiest children’s hospitals in Australia seeing over 100,000 children and their families last year.

We are excited to be building a new hospital for Victorian children and their families. Construction commenced in July 2014 and we look forward to opening the new hospital in early 2017. This new hospital will allow us to redesign how we work, to give better, more flexible, convenient and comfortable service for our patients and their families. We will be able to treat more children and give our researchers and clinical staff the resources they need to help develop new and better treatments

Events Volunteering:

We want the new Monash Children’s Hospital to be the best children’s hospital it can be. We need to raise funds to make this a special place for children and their families to receive the very best health care they need. Fundraising events help to raise significant funds for purchasing life-saving equipment, funding world-leading research and upgrading facilities. Volunteers are an integral part of the success of any fundraising event and we greatly appreciate the support and generosity of all volunteers.

For more information on Monash Children’s Hospital events and volunteering opportunities please email [email protected]

Students studying medicine, dentistry, oral health or other healthcare disciplines such as nuclear medicine technology may apply for MIPS membership. International students in Australia may also be eligible to apply.

Benefits of MIPS:

  • Student membership is free: It takes 1-2 minutes to complete the form and membership is free for students. The key membership benefit is indemnity insurance, so you have insurance cover for any healthcare services you provide as a student such as taking a history or performing the physical examination of a patient, writing a patient management plan, administration and principles in admitting and discharging patients, ordering and interpreting investigations, and communicating with patients, relatives and staff
  • Student placements and healthcare activities: MIPS membership provides indemnity cover for healthcare students doing clinical placements and healthcare activities such as electives, observerships, scholarships anjd exchange programs
  • Free travel cover: Subject to meeting the eligibility criteria, Australian student members undertaking a placement outside of Australia are eligible for travel cover for their trip.

BOQ Specialist is a market leader within the Australian medical, dental and veterinary finance space, and have a long history of working with students and graduates. BOQ’s expertise comes from their deep experience and knowledge of the professions they work with, and partnership comes from taking the time to get to know their clients individually and nurturing them throughout each stage of their career.

Key benefits offered to students and graduates:

  • Traditional banks only lend money if you can prove that you don’t need it. BOQ knowS better. Your degree is worth gold and BOQ are willing to back you, even if you haven’t started work yet.
  • The final years of your degree are designed to prepare you for work in the real world. At the same time, BOQ can help you prepare for life in the real world, getting you started financially through access to a range of products tailored specifically for students.
  • With BOQ Specialist, you’ll have a dedicated personal banker and access to our 24/7 Client Service Centre.


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