Pathway to Paediatrics

MUPPITS Pathways to Paediatrics is the perfect event to find out more about what paediatrics consists of and how to get there! Hear from 4 AMAZING doctors as they provide insight into their day-to-day lives in paediatrics, why they chose it as a career and what their pathway to paediatrics encompasses. Click the link below to watch a full recording of 2021 Pathway to Paediatrics and scroll down to view a Pathway to Paediatrics Summary Sheet.

2021 Pathway to Paediatrics Event Recording

2021 Doctor Speaker Profiles

Dr Neda So – Neda is a senior resident medical officer (SRMO) currently in her BPT2 year of paediatric training at both the Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash Children’s Hospital She embarked on her paediatric training a few years after completing her medical school training at Monash University. As a previous MUPPITS committee member, she is passionate about medical student education and all things MUPPITS!! Her other interests also include public health, global health and research.

Dr Shiraz Badurdeen –Dr Shiraz Badurdeen is a neonatal research fellow at The Royal Women’s Hospital and a PhD candidate through the Ritchie Centre with Monash University. Currently, he is the Co-Principal investigator for the Baby-DUCC (Baby-Directed Umbilical Cord Clamping) study which includes the Cerebral Haemodynamic and Oxygenation with Physiologically-based cord clamping (CHOP) randomised trial. This work has implications for newborn resuscitation around the world, particularly in low-resource settings where birth asphyxia is high. 

Dr Rupert Hinds – Dr Rupert Hinds is a highly skilled consultant paediatric gastroenterologist and head of the department of gastroenterology at Monash Children’s Hospital. The department is one of only two paediatric gastroenterology departments in Victoria. He manages children and adolescents with gastrointestinal problems with particular interest in nutrition, hepatology and inflammatory bowel disease. He is also a senior lecturer in Paediatrics at Monash University

Dr Ari Horton – Dr Ari Horton is a consultant paediatric cardiologist at Monash heart, experienced in dealing with cardiac issues in children and adolescents. Further, he is a clinical genetics fellow with a particular passion for inherited cardiac disease and cardiac genetics. Ari practices holistic healthcare with keen interest in Aboriginal and global health, aid work and he also maintains engagement in research and education.

MUPPITS x MUMUS CAREERS Pathway to Paediatrics Summary Sheet

MUPPITS and MUMUS Careers have teamed up to present to you a handy summary sheet outlining all the key points to becoming a paediatrician!